Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ann Arbor, Mi

So we are on track with the program now. Got the chemo 5FU running in an IV connected to the heart with 24 hour infusion. That means yes he is wearing a line with a cassette that delivers the medicine 24 hrs a day. Pretty inconvenient - trying to figure out the shower process right now.BUT not feeling too bad.
Had the radiation treatment as well. The plan says we go to Ann Arbor everyday at 430 for this procedure. Also makes him tired.
When looking at Jan you would hardly know he's sick. He looks great and the positive mental attitude is helping alot.
I had an issue with oncology yesterday - over $36.00- started tearing up and then the stupid clerk raised his voice to me. That was the beginning of a complete onslaught of tears for me. Boy was he sorry he said anything!! It took 5 nurses working on the file to get my way..and even then we have to wait until next week for the nurse manager to fix it.
You would think that the $60,000 per month for chemo/radiation treatments would be enough, but the $36.00 just sent me over the edge.
Hopefully the VA will get this taken care of.
So the schedule is everyday at 430 and two days a week at 330. Not bad avoids rush hour traffic and hopefully will allow a little time on the boat in the early afternoon or early evening.
As far as company is concerned that is really hit or miss right now. As I mentioned to someone this morning I am now the official "bouncer" at the door. We have to be extremely careful of germs/bacteria and if anyone is sick or has been around anyone who is sick do not come visit! Between day 8-15 if Jan even gets a cold it could stop everything.
Looking for some good soup recipes. Got the chowder book out and away we go with all new menus. Soup, salad and fruits are the primary diet right now. They even recommend strawberry milkshakes which just happen to be Jan's favorites. Will keep you posted, thanks for all the positive messages...

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