Saturday, June 19, 2010


So far so good! The radiation and the chemo pump are working ok. Jan's energy level is low, but he just keeps on trying to do things to stay busy.

We have the weekend off from going to Ann Arbor. Since the chemo is in the pump attachment that he wears it is administered 24/7 so we don't need to do anything with that. The radiation is not done on the weekends.
The drive to Ann Arbor is just over an hour in the late afternoons, we are attempting to move the time up a little to avoid the traffic.

Looking forward to a quiet weekend at home. Fathers Day is tomorrow - looks like we are doing dinner here. I am sure the girls are a little apprehensive about tomorrow but should be ok.
The heat is tough on Jan right now - good thing we don't live in AZ, even that "dry" desert heat would be hard right now.
Ordered an arm cover for the picc line so it doesn't get wet during showers - they even said you could go swimming in it. What would you do with the pump?? Not sure I understand that yet, but this is a constant learning process that's for sure. Still looking for an effective hook/hanger for the shower too.
Jan's appetite is certainly down. When he eats his stomach is upset for awhile afterward so he is going to need to eat more often with less at each serving I guess. The soup, fruit, fish and salad menu is working ok.
Will keep you all updated but at this point no news is good news!!
Have a great weekend.

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