Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So today will be called Day One.
I have stopped working as of today which is a big deal, tomorrow we pack and off to Arizona we go.
We are headed to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix Arizona for treatment for Jan's cancer. We are trying very hard to maintain positive thoughts and emotions as we prepare for this journey of ours, but it is sure tough at times.
Between making sure the bills are paid, the house is somewhat cleaned and arranging for all the little details of life while we are gone there isn't alot of time left to dwell on what's happening.
We were at the VA hospital in Ann Arbor, Mi yesterday - when the Dr's and nurses found out it was our 36th anniversary they were so amazingly nice.
The American Cancer Society today called and asked if we wanted assistance paying the hotel bills - what an organization they are.

Telling our girls what's happening has been the most difficult thing ever.

However we do have some good news to celebrate - Becky and Luke got engaged on our anniversary. Luke wants to make sure Jan walks Becky down the aisle. We were very happy about that. We joked with Luke that if she said no that at least he had our support until he could talk her into it!!
So my plan is to keep some notes on what were doing as we travel across the United States so that people will know what is happening.

Keep us in your thoughts - already thinking too bad we are going to miss both Robinsons weekend party and Andrew Zack's graduation! We will be at both in our thoughts for sure.


  1. Maggie/Jan-Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys, Mayo is the place to be, they are amazing there. If there is anything that we can do, please do not hesitate to let us know! Laurie and Mike Stefanka

  2. Jan/Maggie- Your are in my nightly prayers. God bless