Friday, May 28, 2010

The Ozarks

So we picked up a 2011 Toyota Camry yesterday - perfect for the trip! Drove through Michigan, Indiana,
Illinois and we are now in the Ozarks in Missouri - definately not a destination The car drove great, very nice trunk in case your wondering I brought all my summer stuff and room for more.. We are planning on taking 3 days to go down - pretty tiring for both of us.
Got to see all three girls last night - plus Gavigan and the twins. Braxton is up north starting the long weekend early with his "other" grandma..Tough saying good bye but had a lovely dinner at Matter of Taste -thanks Luke and away we went.
The plan for tomorrow is to get to Amarillo Tx what a fun place!! We will probably to be too tired, but they have some fabulous country bars - imagine that?
Just found out my cousin Jerry Gavigan - aka Joey Gavigan on Facebook- has a house in Phoenix and Sharon said he will let us stay there.
I think Jerry is still mad at me because when I moved in with them we had to share the same first grade class and every night for dinner I reported on everything he did wrong that day - to all the other 9 people at the table.
Poor Rita don't know how she did it.
We are booked at the Tempe Resort and Hotel until 06/04 looks fabulous. Hope to arrive late Sunday and hit the pool Sunday and Monday..
Will keep you posted - this is one long drive. Too much time to think.
Miss you all!!

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  1. I am just now reading this entry and find it very entertaining that you 'told' on Joey in the first grade. So THAT's when it started...