Monday, May 31, 2010


So we have arrived in Tempe. Staying at the Mission Palms resort -wow is this place fabulous!!

Here's hoping our luck keeps up this week. The drive was very hard on both of us - between the Holiday traffic and the construction we are done! Had lots of time to talk in the car and both are pretty scared about tomorrow -we have alot riding on this.

Met a couple last night in the hot tub. At first she was just too chatty while we were just interested in having a cocktail and enjoying the hottub. She asked where we were going and just kept talking - so I mentioned we were there to go to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. She then started in on how her friends husband had gone there and it costs so much money and then they lost their house. I took a very slow drink of my much needed long island and
Jan and I said at the same time - So who gives a shit about real estate? I took another drink of my much needed long island while Jan proceeded to tell her about our 35 years in the Real Estate industry, having purchased over 20 houses and exactly what good is a house with no one in it??? Meanwhile I did not drown this woman, but she did get the point. She then attempted to give a Navajo blessing to Jan who then proceeded to tell her his very private religious views!! When we left the pool the woman was speechless..
So now we are here and this is for real. I will try my best to keep you updated.
Thanks for all the love and best wishes

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